About Bricksports:


Bricksports recreates big sport events from all over the world with short animation movies.


Since 2010, Bricksports produces the videos for The Guardian's Brick-by-brick series.


Having started only with football videos of the German Bundesliga, recreating matchups of Hannover 96, videos of the Champions League, the European Championship 2008 and big projects during the World Cup 2010 and World Cup 2014 followed. Furthermore, music videos and commercials have been recreated and supported. Currently, Bricksports mainly produces recent games of the National Football League (NFL).


After experiencing with the NFL Super Bowl XLV in 2011, Bricksports extended its variability concerning different kinds of sports, which led to another huge project during the Olympic Games 2012 in London, also in cooperation with the British newspaper 'The Guardian'. Nowadays, the sports working field of Bricksports spans:


Fußball American Football Rugby

Football (Soccer), American Football, Rugby


Boxen Tennis Basketball

Boxing, Tennis, Basketball


Schwimmen Turnen Fechten

Swimming, Gymnastics, Fencing


Rudern Gewichtheben Beachvolleyball

Rowing, Weightlifting, Beachvolleyball








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