A film studio with big repertoire. With its young, creative and passionate working team, Bricksports can always get excited for new ideas to a video clip. Due to the experience of producing brickfilms since 2007, professional camera and light equipment and a technology that even enables stop motion tracking shots, Bricksports excites customers from all over the world. We are looking forward to hearing about your request for your individual film project! Contact



Mainly, Bricksports produces:




Sports Highlights


No matter if football (soccer), american football, rugby, tennis or swimming, there is no kind of sports that could not be transformed into a brickfilm. Gazed by thousands of miniature spectators each in extra built stadiums or multifunctional grounds, Bricksports recaps the highlights of a sport event in clips of a duration of ca. two to three minutes so that they can be published on any multimedia platform 48 hours after the game has ended.





Concerts/Music videos


Big artists need big stages and fill big stadiums. What is working in reality, does not find its boundaries in the miniature format. Atmospherical illuminated with the aim of colourful light effects and spotlights, Bricksports creates an appropriate framework for recreate concert videos, including stages of every size and video walls.







Ever since the very first 'Lego Ad Break' on the British ITV in February 2014 Bricksports had been contributed to, entire brickfilm commercials or ad breaks are not an illusion anymore. And why should mini figures not be able to convey an advertising message in rebuilt landscapes or newly created miniature sets?



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